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    “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
    ― Anaïs Nin

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    Peri The Minimalistic Indoor Bike Rack

    Peri is a bike rack for everyday use, a non-invasive, space-minimizing, spectacle to the bike in a living situation.

    Made of plywood Peri uses 85% of all the material that is locally sourced, cut, and hand finished.  Peri is a completely customizable piece, picking out wood choices, paint colors, stains makes each one unique.

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    Alaa, an ambulance driver, feeds cats in Masaken Hanano in Aleppo. Alaa buys about $4 of meat everyday to feed about 150 abandoned cats in Masaken Hanano, a neigbourhood in Aleppo that has been deserted because of shelling from forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad. Alaa said that he has been feeding and taking care of the cats for over 2 months.

    Via EURONEWS - REUTERS/Hosam Katan

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  • "Beauty and grace command the world."