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    Cate Wilson: Hachi? Hachi? Oh, old thing! You’re still waiting. That’s right. If it’s all right, could I wait with you for the next train? Yeah? Thanks.

    Movie Quote of the Day – Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, 2009 (dir. Lasse Hallström) | the diary of a film history fanatic

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     I love the fact that you know, for example, you don’t really see people moan or cry so much with snot dripping down their face. When you have a crying scene, people have their makeup on and look nice, but in life we are all ugly sometimes—whether you’re you’re making love or fighting, etc.—and what’s important is just the beauty of the situation and the act. Sometimes when you cry you can be dignified but it’s also just honest.

    Adèle Exarchopoulos

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    Freemans Alley, LES, NYC | R.J. Caputo

    I’ve been working on a ton of photos recently so I’ll be starting to post a bunch of new stuff over at my other blog soonish. You should give it a follow if you haven’t already. Thanks :)

    rjcaputophotography.tumblr.com | blog.rjcaputo.com

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